About Me ::: Joanna Wróblewska

Joanna Wróblewska is a visual artist, Expressive Arts practitioner, and Yoga Nidra teacher focused on promoting arts for better living.


I am a freelance visual artist, Expressive Arts practitioner, and certified Yoga Nidra teacher. I hold a PhD in visual arts and an MA in intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy. In addition, I am a co-founder of Yohaku Art Collective, where together with Ineke Hulselmans and our collaborators, we focus on supporting processes of inquiry and transformation through art-making.

In my professional life, I combine the practice of Expressive Arts together with deep conscious relaxation, and art-making. With me, you can discover what the arts can offer exclusively to you and how they can support you on the way to better living.

My art studio connects both the actual and the virtual space to provide the highest quality services to clients living all over the world. I am bilingual in Polish and English. I also speak German and have the capacity to communicate with Spanish-speaking clients.


In my practice, I combine expert artistic knowledge with openness, sensitivity, and compassion. Relationships with clients are my greatest priority. My work is deeply cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, and grounded in the connection with the senses and the body. I make generous use of traditional East Asian practices, guided imagery, and deep relaxation techniques. My focus lies in supporting you on the way to better living.


full individual member of EFAT – European Federation of Art Therapy

Teacher certification in Yoga Nidra

MA in intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy with a Minor in Psychology

Certificate in Expressive Arts Facilitation

CRKBO teacher certification (official Dutch educational audit)

PhD degree in Visual Arts

MA degree in Graphic Design (specialization: Intermedia)

My updated resume in a PDF format will be sent to clients upon request. You can also check my LinkedIn profile.


Joanna Wróblewska, visual artist and Expressive Arts practitioner working with international students in educational settings.

My vision of art-based learning crystalized over the years. Very early on during my undergraduate studies, I started running workshops using art-related methods. Eventually, I became a professional art educator designing and teaching courses for various age groups. In this way, I learned about the strengths and weaknesses of educational systems.

Working with students of various nationalities, forced me to ask questions about the nature and goals of education in general and art education in particular. This is why I decided to take my practice to the next level and study Expressive Arts Therapy.

Joanna Wróblewska, visual artist and Expressive Arts practitioner working with international clients in therapeutic settings.

My international experiences made me extremely sensitive to different aspects of migration, belonging, and identity. This is why I am passionate about bringing support to people experiencing migration, no matter the reason and location.

When we decide to improve our own well-being, we influence the world around us and start to inspire change in others. As an Expressive Arts practitioner, I believe that art-making enriches, connects, and transforms humans on multiple levels.

Art-making combined with deep relaxation encourages more grounding and flow. It has the power to bring us peace of mind and let our hearts speak in a compassionate language of love.


Your safety and comfort are my priority. In this free 45 min. introductory session we will speak about your individual preferences. We will also find out how the Expressive Arts practice could serve you best with respect to your personal needs.

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