Services & Pricing ::: Joanna Wróblewska


Introductory session 0€ | 45min. (virtual)

Your safety and comfort are my priority. In this free introductory session, we will speak about your individual preferences. We will also find out how the Expressive Arts practice could serve you best with respect to your personal needs.


Individual session 79€ | 90min. (virtual or face-to-face)

Such a session can bring you inspiration, insight, and a completely new perspective on what you are currently dealing with in life. For some clients, one session will be sufficient. Others will decide to stay with me for a little longer. I offer a 5% discount to all regular clients.

*Every month I offer two spots for people in a difficult financial situation with a 50% discount.

Please reach out to book a free 45min. consult, if you find yourself in an emergency mental health situation. For these consults, I am available on Mondays, between 9.00-10.30am Central European Time.


Group session 45€ per person | 120min. (virtual or face-to-face)

Expressive Arts sessions and workshops can bring inspiration, insight, and a completely new perspective on what is happening in your team or community. For some groups, one session will be sufficient. Others will decide to meet with me regularly. I invite groups of up to 12 participants.


Please get in touch to discuss other options or check out upcoming workshops and events organized by Yohaku Art Collective.


Individual session 59€ | 60min. (virtual or face-to-face)

My personalized Yoga Nidra sessions are a treat to your body, mind, and heart. Each session is designed with care and attention to address your personal needs. Your only task is to relax.


Group Yoga Nidra “In Search for Stillness” 17 | 60min. (on Zoom)

Every working Monday at 8pm CEST, except July and August, I welcome you to my Yoga Nidra evening group, where every month we will explore a new guided relaxation script. Please join me online for a single session or stay for longer to develop your Yoga Nidra practice and experience the benefits of deep conscious relaxation fully.

* You can also purchase a monthly pass (four sessions) into this group for 59€ and get a free recording of my Yoga Nidra. Each new purchase of a monthly pass guarantees you a new recording.


If you would like to purchase one of the artworks directly at my art studio, please book a free virtual call to discuss your preferences and prices.


Some of my artworks will be soon available for an easy online purchase.