Art Therapy

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirms that artistic expression plays an integral part in how we communicate, express emotions, build relationships, and recover from difficult life experiences. Arts offer us a unique opportunity to build resources, face the difficult, and integrate new knowledge about ourselves. This restorative power of the arts is one of the most important aspects of art therapy in general and expressive arts therapy, in particular.

Art therapy incorporates various means of expression that include visual arts, music, or performative arts. Generally speaking, it originates from the fields of art and psychotherapy. Contemporary art therapy methods often include all the different art forms and create an inviting space for restoration and healing.

Art therapists are trained professionals, who can present verified credentials on a minimum master's level. Every person can try art therapy, as it uses our natural capability to express and focuses on how it is to make art instead of evaluating the final outcome.

What Is Expressive Arts Therapy?

It is an art therapy method defined as an interdisciplinary practice combining psychotherapeutic approaches with our natural ability to express and play. In expressive arts therapy, different forms of expression (e.g. visual arts, movement, sound, storytelling, or even the practice of silence like meditation or prayer) come into play to stimulate imagination and allow people to connect with their needs, restore, and heal.

What to Expect?

I often work with people in movement and those who have difficult migrational experiences or still search for a place of belonging in this world (e.g. clients going through a major transition). With 800+ hours of therapeutic experience with people of diverse cultural, social, and professional backgrounds, I specialize in gentle trauma-informed and culturally-sensitive care. To my clients, I offer an inclusive, non-judgemental, and inviting space of belonging, in which they can relax, restore, and heal.

Each session is accustomed to individual needs of my clients with respect to their background and personal preferences. That can include breathwork, restorative somatic practices, relaxation techniques, guided imagery, movement, play with rhythms and/or music, as well as visual arts.

During therapeutic sessions, I will support you through the creative process with my presence, art invitations, and nourishing feedback. Your openness and curiosity will be just enough to begin with!

Possible benefits of art therapy:

• Increases self-knowledge and self-awareness

• Helps to set healthy boundaries

• Increases physical, mental, and emotional flexibility

• Helps to deal with difficult experiences

• Decreases anxiety and prevents burn-out

• Supports coping mechanisms and builds resilience

• Helps to discover new resources

• Promotes openness to new experiences

• Teaches healthy habits

• Stimulates creativity and feeds imagination

• Brings restoration, comfort, and inner calm

• Helps to find a place of belonging

Which of my art offerings could be the right fit for you?

Individual art therapy sessions might be a good choice, if you have specific questions or concerns that need more attention and care. In a 60 or 90min. session, we will focus entirely on your personal needs. There will be also a chance to develop a long-term relationship and enjoy the benefits of art therapy fully. My 1:1 art therapy sessions are available online via Zoom, or in a therapeutic space located in the heart of Deurne, a green and peaceful neighbourhood in Antwerp, Belgium. Both options can be equally beneficial and support you in what you are currently dealing with in life. That could also include creative mentoring and you becoming more comfortable with various art materials and techniques that make you curious.


My groups can offer you a chance to process some difficult experiences, develop new self-care practices, and focus on improving your overall wellbeing. They might be a good choice, if you are in search of a small community (3-9 participants) cultivating inclusion, compassion, and kindness through listening, expression, and deep connection. Some of my groups are offered offline. However, most of them are available to a wider online audience. They can be described as welcoming, intimate, and supportive. If you are willing to commit to a series of group sessions lasting between 4-8 weeks, this could be a good option for you. They can include guided deep relaxation, somatic practices, art-making experiments, or focus on processing of more challenging life events.


This is a space for creation, play, and connection that is open to anyone. It might be a good choice, if you search for a peaceful space to receive inspiration and connect with like-minded people living in all the different corners of the world. In this larger community, we meet to make art and celebrate the diversity of our cultures with openness, respect and curiosity. Oasis for Internal Peace is a community-based program, in which you will get a chance to follow inspiring art invitations, make art at your own time, and meet up in an international online group to reflect on your creative process or simply connect with others.