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Joanna Wróblewska is a visual artist, Expressive Arts practitioner, and Yoga Nidra teacher focused on promoting arts for better living.


World Health Organization (WHO) confirms that artistic expression plays an integral part in how we communicate, express emotions, build relationships, and recover from difficult life experiences including trauma, injury, and disease.


My ultimate goal is to support you on the way to a better living using the arts. Currently, I focus on three interconnected ways of promoting the restorative power of the arts, the wisdom emerging through them, and healthy self-expression:

Intermodal Expressive Arts practice that supports personal development, inspires nourishing mental and physical self-care, encourages healthy self-expression, teaches emotional regulation, and creates felt sense of connectivity.

The practice of Yoga Nidra that allows people to deeply relax, reconnect with themselves, reach their unique creative potential, and find new ways of healthy self-expression through the experience of undisturbed “me” time, during which one can rest in silence.

Creation of unique artworks for interiors, including artistic prints, original illustrations, and handmade ceramic objects, that have the ability to transform our homes and workplaces into meaningful, inspiring, and comforting spaces filled with beauty.


In recent years, intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy has become more and more popular among international clients of various ages and professions. It is an excellent way of supporting healthy self-expression using movement, sound, storytelling, gentle relaxation, and play. The practice of Expressive Arts promotes overall well-being and sets us on the right track to better living. This can mean more self-understanding, better communication skills, more fulfilling relationships, and a quicker recovery from difficult life experiences including trauma, injury, and disease.

Through the practice of Expressive Arts, you can start to actively shape your life and create an overall sense of well-being for yourself and your loved ones.


Joanna Wróblewska is a visual artist, Expressive Arts practitioner, and Yoga Nidra teacher focused on promoting arts for better living.

My name is Joanna Wróblewska. I am a visual artist, Expressive Arts practitioner, and Yoga Nidra teacher. I hold a PhD in visual arts and an MA in intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy. In addition, I am a co-founder of Yohaku Art Collective. Currently, I work with clients individually, in workshops, and also educate people about how the arts can support all of us on the way to better living.


Your safety and comfort are my priority. In this free 45 min. introductory session we will speak about your individual preferences. We will also find out how the Expressive Arts practice could serve you best with respect to your personal needs.


Dear Joanna, thank you so much for those wonderful two sessions of beautiful discovery! A few weeks have passed now and I’m still deeply inspired and grateful for our exchange, for how you have created a safe space for me and how you have guided the process with so much kindness and openness. My heart is full of joy when I look back at our sessions. A huge thank you!

Aleksandra (Berlin), 2020

Working on myself through sessions with Joanna opened up new perspectives and I feel much more confident to deal with external challenges. Thank you!

Tillman (Beirut), 2020

Working with Joanna has been a very special experience I will always treasure. In many ways, it has given me the freedom to explore art and movement in new ways in my life, and this is a tremendous gift to have been given. She holds space in a deeply respectful and empathetic way that allows you to feel safe enough to explore new territories in yourself and creative expression. If you ever have the opportunity to work with her, I would highly recommend it.

Z.C. (Berlin), 2020

Prior to my session with Joanna, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was really blown away by what unfolded. I was feeling rather overwhelmed with everything I had to get done in my business and I wanted to move my energy out of my head. Joanna gently and skillfully guided me to explore how I could experience deep rest through a number of different embodied and creative activities. By the end of the session, I was able to feel a greater sense of calm in both my mind and body and I had also written a really beautiful poem! Joanna has a warm, caring and nurturing energy and I appreciated her ability to hold space and guide me through this new experience. I look forward to working with her again in the future!

Ainslie Young (Singapore), 2020

Sessions with Joanna helped me to find new tools, more space and ways to connect with myself, and to involve in a dialogue with difficult emotions in a safe space. The sessions were a brilliant combination of body movement, Yoga Nidra, visualization, art-making and discovering new meanings. They allowed me to find the joy of creation and the simple beauty of being with myself (…).

Anna (Jerusalem), 2020

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