let me share with you how art and creativity can improve your health and well-being!

Who I am?

I'm Joanna, a visual artist & art therapist. In my practice, I combine somatic and creative approaches to offer restorative and resourceful mental health support through face-to-face art therapy sessions, therapeutic groups, and self-exploratory workshops available both in-person and online. I use imagination, play, and various forms of expression to provide trauma-informed and culturally-sensitive care to all my clients.


I truly love juicy colours, nature-inspired forms, and experimental art materials. At my art studio, I create unique artworks for interiors including photographs, illustrations, and objects that have the ability to transform your home and workplace into a meaningful, inspiring, and comforting space filled with beauty, inner calm, and warmth.


Art therapy offers a safe, non-judgemental, and nourishing space that encourages healthy self-expression, teaches how to deal with intense emotions, and creates a stronger sense of belonging. In combination with trauma-informed and somatic approaches, art therapy can help you to restore your health and simply feel well.


Yoga Nidra creates new opportunities for restoration and healing on a physical, emotional, and mental level. During this gentle guided practice originating from India, you can reconnect with yourself, reach your unique creative potential, and find new ways for healthy self-expression through the experience of silence.



Individual art therapy sessions might be a good choice, if you have specific questions or concerns that need more attention and care. In a 60 or 90min. session, we will focus entirely on your personal needs. There will be also a chance to develop a long-term relationship and enjoy the benefits of art therapy fully.

My groups can offer you a chance to process some difficult experiences, develop new self-care practices, and focus on improving your overall wellbeing. They might be a good choice, if you are in search of a small community (3-9 participants) cultivating inclusion, compassion, and kindness through listening, expression, and deep connection.

This is a space for creation, play, and connection that is open to anyone. It might be a good choice, if you search for a peaceful space to receive inspiration and connect with like-minded people living in all the different corners of the world. In this larger community, we meet to make art and celebrate the diversity of our cultures with openness, respect and curiosity.



My sessions with Joanna have consistently been both enriching and healing. During the sessions, Joanna integrates art creation with relaxation techniques and meaningful conversation. The relaxation is a wonderful groundwork for the creative process, and later fostering enriching reflections. Joanna is an extremely empathetic person, who provides an atmosphere of safety and trust. I wholeheartedly recommend sessions with Joanna!
K. (2023)
I started my art therapy journey with Joanna just out of curiosity and passion in drawing. During our sessions, I was gently introduced into a healing path that I didn’t know I needed when I first met her. Every session I was immersed in a kind, safe and warm environment where through pencils and colours I dealt with painful experiences hidden in my heart. I deeply recommend having a session with her even if you think you are doing ok because you can do better. Thanks to her I learned that it is beautiful to be imperfect and it is important to “feel” not only to “think”.
L. (2023)
When I first reached out to Joanna, I was living abroad, driven by a deep desire to serve my community and the environment, yet also escaping from a painful past - abuse, trauma, anxiety, and profound loneliness. For years, I tried conventional therapy, meditation, journaling, and dietary changes to address my identified issues. While these changes brought some relief, they didn't lead to the transformation I longed for. I realized that my issues ran deep, beyond words – hidden in my subconscious and within my body. That's when I sensed that art, poetry, dance, and theatre might hold the key to unlocking what was hidden from my analytical mind. I booked my first session with Joanna. Joanna's deep listening skills allowed her to tap into the wounds, fears, hopes, and wishes that emerged during our sessions. She addressed them with empathy, professionalism, and a sincere commitment to my well-being. Whether through creativity, playfulness, or simply holding space, she guided me towards my inner struggles and allowed them to either bid farewell or take flight for further exploration. I'm profoundly grateful to have met her. Joanna's approach empowered me to connect with my own creative self and see the world in vibrant colours. Thank you!"
N. (2023)
A few months of therapy with Joanna became a turning point in my life. Thanks to the expressive arts, I found harmony within myself and began to understand various difficult emotions. Our practices were always a safe space. Each time I felt understood and comfortable. Joanna taught me to treat myself well and how to set boundaries. Expressive arts practices initiated a glow-up in my life. Moreover, this kind of therapy turned out to be relaxing. And I realized that art is for everyone. :)
J. (2023)



You can book a 30min. introductory session free of charge. I'll be happy to meet you online and look at how my services could support you on the way to more health and well-being in your daily life!